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"Ultherapy is my number one choice for a non-surgical lift. It is the gold standard for slowing down the aging process by helping to build collagen and elastin. There is a reason Ultherapy has been the number one choice by experts all over the country for a decade.

My personal plan to maintain youthful skin includes an Ultherapy treatment every 1-2 years in my 40s and 50s, pushing off that facelift as long as possible, while keeping a tight jawline. My plastic surgery colleagues confirm that Ultherapy is the best treatment I can do to look great until I am ready for surgery."

— Dr. Zand, on the importance of Ultherapy in facial beauty maintenance

 “I’ve been administering laser treatments in the Bay Area for the past decade. Ultherapy is my favorite treatment and provides a significant brow lift and tightening of the skin that is unparalleled by other anti-aging lasers!”

  • Krista Wickers, RN, Registered Laser Specialist at Zand Derm

Ultherapy Laser-Non Surgical Face Lift Q&A

What is Ultherapy Laser?

Ultherapy Laser is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that utilizes ultrasound energy to stimulate collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin. This treatment targets areas like the face, neck, and décolletage to lift and tighten loose or sagging skin.


How does Ultherapy work?

Ultherapy works by delivering precise ultrasound energy to specific depths within the skin, promoting the body's natural healing response. This stimulates the production of new collagen over time, resulting in firmer, lifted, youthful-looking skin.


Is Ultherapy safe?

Yes, Ultherapy is an FDA-approved and safe treatment. The technology has been extensively studied and has a proven track record of safety and effectiveness.


What areas can be treated with Ultherapy?

Ultherapy can be used to treat various areas, including the forehead, eyebrow area, under the chin, and neck. It's also effective for improving the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the décolletage.


How long does a session typically take?

The duration of a session depends on the treatment area and individual needs. However, most sessions last between 30 minutes to 2 hours.


Is there any downtime after an Ultherapy session?

There is no downtime after an Ultherapy session!! Similar anti-aging lasers typically have much longer downtime, for instance, CO2 fractional laser has 1 month of downtime, RF microneedling has 7 days of downtime. There is no other device that offers such powerful results with no downtime.


How soon can I see results, and how long do they last?

Results are not instant, as the treatment encourages natural collagen production. Some patients notice improvement shortly after the procedure, with optimal results visible after 6 months. Results can last up to a year or more, depending on individual factors.


Is Ultherapy painful?

Like most procedures that deliver significant results, Ultherapy does hurt. What's special about having your Ultherapy done at Zand Dermatology is that we are now also offering Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) complementary, so you will be completely comfortable in our hands. This is a big deal to have a powerful treatment of this caliber - with no downtime AND no pain.


How many sessions are typically recommended?

Many patients see noticeable improvement after just one session. However, patients in their 60s will need two sessions, 6 months apart. Most people will do one treatment every 3 years, however annual treatments are also a possibility for those who want to maximize the anti-aging benefits and delay a surgical facelift.


Who is a suitable candidate for Ultherapy?

UUltherapy is safe in all skin types! It is suitable for individuals with mild to moderate skin laxity who are seeking a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment option. It's essential to have a consultation with one of our trained practitioners to determine if Ultherapy is the right choice for you.


Why should I choose Ultherapy instead of a different anti-aging laser?

  1. Depth of Treatment:
    Ultherapy targets deeper layers of the skin using focused ultrasound energy. This allows it to stimulate collagen production at a foundational level, resulting in more comprehensive and lasting skin tightening and lifting effects compared to some surface-level lasers such as Softwave, which only targets the superficial layers of the skin.

    Unlike many other laser treatments that may require incisions or penetration of the skin, Ultherapy is completely non-invasive. This means it doesn't require cutting or damaging the skin's surface, resulting in NO downtime and reduced risk of complications.

  2. Stimulation of Collagen Production:
    Ultherapy stimulates the body's natural collagen production, which gradually improves skin texture, firmness, and elasticity. This natural process provides longer-lasting results that continue to improve over time.

  3. Customizable Treatment Depths:
    Ultherapy allows practitioners to precisely target multiple depths within the skin, ensuring optimal energy delivery to areas needing treatment. This level of customization helps achieve better results, as different parts of the face and neck might require different treatment depths.

  4. FDA-Cleared and Clinically Proven:
    Ultherapy is FDA-approved for non-invasive lifting and tightening of the skin. Its efficacy and safety have been extensively studied, making it a trusted choice among dermatologists and patients.

  5. Versatility:
    While some lasers may be optimized for specific concerns, Ultherapy is versatile and can be used on various areas of the face and neck, as well as the décolletage. It's particularly effective for addressing sagging skin and mild to moderate wrinkles.

  6. Gradual, Natural Results:
    Ultherapy provides gradual, natural-looking results that develop over a few months. This gradual improvement often results in outcomes that appear more natural than the more immediate changes seen with some lasers.

  7. Longevity of Results:
    Due to its collagen-stimulating effects, Ultherapy's results can last up to a year or more. This durability is comparable to or longer than the results of many laser treatments.

  8. No Special Preparations:
    Unlike some laser treatments that require specific pre-treatment protocols like avoiding sun exposure or certain skincare products, Ultherapy generally does not require such preparations.