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A Personal Message from Dr. Zand: 

Hello and welcome to Zand Dermatology! My practice is a little different than the typical dermatology office. I would like to invite you to become better acquainted with my background, values, and my distinct philosophy.

My interest in holistic dermatology came about organically, you might say. A few years ago, I personally experienced a debilitating medical condition that eluded Western doctors, despite extensive testing. After randomly discovering a food intolerance was the cause of my symptoms, I realized how little Western medicine understands food and its impact on health and illness. I then made it my quest to learn all about non-traditional therapies that can also help my patients struggling with skin problems. Botanicals, essential oils, Ayurveda, homeopathy, herbs - I scoured every source of wisdom, modern and ancient, to learn new tools to help my patients improve their skin. What I discovered is that utilizing this integrative, balanced approach not only improved my patients' skin, but also their overall wellbeing.

So practically speaking, what does holistic dermatology mean for you? It means that for acne or rosacea, my first line of treatment is not antibiotics. For eczema or rashes, we can do more than slap a steroid on it. With me, the discussion of how to treat facial skin cancer includes more than Mohs Surgery. All of these are important and sometimes necessary remedies, and I'm blessed to have the training and expertise to offer them. But as a holistic dermatology specialist, I love being able to say, I have more treatment options for you to consider. Sometimes more effective than standard dermatologic prescriptions, and often with less potential risk or irritation. 

I believe in active lifestyles, leafy greens, close relationships, lots of sleep, and minimal medical interventions. I believe being outdoors and in nature recharges our human souls. You won't hear me lecture you about being in the sun. Instead I will teach you ways to do so safely, to maintain your skin's beauty and lower your risk of developing skin cancer. I will be your partner in scouring over your skin, so if something does come up, we can catch it early.

When it comes to aesthetic enhancements, I take a natural, less is more approach. My Bay Area patients want to look their best: healthy and radiant but not "done." I believe in aging gracefully, but also proactively. Our tagline, Embrace Your Skin, signifies bringing mindful acceptance to our natural process of aging, and cherishing the wisdom and equanimity that comes with time and experience. I can help you improve the things that bother you - and bring acceptance to the things we cannot change. In this overwhelming era of trendy skin treatments, I will help you navigate what really works and what is hype. I am conservative and prefer recommending minimally invasive procedures first to achieve your best visible results. 

As the daughter of an engineer and a psychologist, I developed a passion early on for science, working with my hands, and caring for people. I fell in love with dermatology while at Harvard Medical School because it combined my affinity for surgery, technology, patient care, beauty and artistry. The most rewarding aspect of dermatology for me now is developing an intimate connection with my patients, and witnessing how our treatments visibly improve their skin, their confidence, and their lives. I see the joy and freedom that healthy skin can bring, and I invite you to schedule a consultation to explore your questions and experience it for yourself. 

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