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Whether you are looking to pierce your ears for the first time or repair your stretched or torn earlobes, Dr. Zand’s years of surgical experience make her uniquely qualified to provide you with the highest standard of care. Dr. Zand’s expertise, precision, and eye for detail are unparalleled. You can put your trust in her office, which provides a sterile environment to minimize the risk of complications. Call in Mill Valley, Marin County, California, or book online for a stress-free appointment.

Earlobe Repairs and Ear Piercing Q & A

Why pierce your ears at Zand Dermatology instead of a non-medical setting?

Like so many kids, Dr. Zand had her ears pierced at the mall when she was 8 years old. Unfortunately, the placement was off, and now her ear piercings are permanently asymmetrical. Luckily, she can use filler in her own earlobes to correct this asymmetry with beautiful results. You can bet that her daughters will have their ears pierced at our office and not at the mall! For clean and perfectly placed piercings, call or book online to make an appointment with Dr. Zand and ensure expert results for the life of your ears.

How long does surgical earlobe repair take?

This simple in-office procedure takes only 15 minutes. It’s done with local anesthesia and is surprisingly very comfortable.

Who is a good candidate for earlobe repairs?

Anyone looking to fix stretched or torn earlobes! For patients concerned with the appearance of offset or sagging earrings, filler may also be an available non-surgical option.

How long will it take to heal?

After surgical repairs of stretched or torn earlobes, stitches come out in one week. Ears can be re-pierced 2 months later. We suggest that you leave the new earring in place for 2 months before changing earrings.



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