Paula Zand, MD

Board-Certified Physician Specializing in Dermatology located in Mill Valley, CA

Dr. Paula Zand, MD

Dr. Paula Zand, MD

Paula Zand, MD, is a board-certified family physician specializing in dermatology, with over seven years of dedicated dermatology experience. She serves patients from throughout Marin County at Zand Dermatology, located in Mill Valley, California. 

After earning her undergraduate degree from UC Davis in 2003 and her M.D. from St. George’s University in 2012, Dr. Paula focused on dermatology during her six-year primary care tenure at Kaiser, managing over 2,400 dermatology visits annually due to a shortage of specialists. To further enhance her skills, Dr. Paula completed a one-year dermatology fellowship under her sister, Dr. Sarv Zand, at Zand Dermatology. This specialized training deepened her expertise and refined her approach, ensuring her medical recommendations are perfectly aligned with Dr. Zand’s holistic and non-surgical philosophy. In fact, Dr. Paula performs all of Dr. Zand’s full skin examinations, biopsies, and cosmetic procedures such as Botox and fillers. 

Dr. Paula is a key member of Zand Dermatology, specializing in general dermatology, including full skin examinations, skin cancer screenings, mole checks, biopsies, acne, rashes, and cosmetic treatments like Botox and microneedling. Her approach to patient care is characterized by her angelic sweetness, patience, and thoroughness. She truly listens to her patients, advocates for their unique needs — whether budget-friendly or natural options — and explains diagnoses and treatment options in depth.

In her free time, Dr. Paula enjoys yoga, hiking, baking, swimming, and spending quality time with her family and her French Mastiff, Thor. Her commitment to living a balanced and fulfilling life mirrors her approach to patient care, where she strives to create a harmonious blend of medical expertise and genuine empathy. 

We are privileged to have Dr. Paula Zand as a cornerstone of our practice, and we invite you to experience her exceptional care firsthand at Zand Dermatology.

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